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Machine Learning for Organizational Management SCHEDULE A DEMO

An Optimized, Engaged, Productive Workforce.

Uiba’s solutions address organizational workforce challenges using advanced data analytics and machine learning.

Data Management

Uiba enables you to centralize, standardize, and unlock the value of your workforce data.

Predictive Recruiting

Compress the cost and time of your hiring funnel while ensuring only the best applicants for the role are put into the interview process.

Engagement & Retention

Understand the level of employee engagement and identify at-risk employees before they become disengaged or leave.

Workforce Planning & Optimization

Understand the scope and distribution of your workforce’s capabilities and how best to apply them for maximum productivity and cost savings.

Employee Career Management

Empower your employees to manage their career paths and ensure development and mentoring are tailored for their unique capabilities.

High Performing Teams

Delve into the dynamics of what makes a team successful and apply those lessons to other teams to drive maximum productivity.


Employee Productivity


Sales Growth




Income Growth


Our organizational management solutions are running successfully across all major industries.

Energy & Utilities
Finance & Insurance
Media & Entertainment
Professional Services
Talent Assessment

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Workforce Optimization

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Team Scoping

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Predictive Hiring

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