We are a team of business leaders, data scientists, and engineers. A team with a unique mix of knowledge and skills woven together by our dedication to helping our clients optimize their organizational productivity.

We are a team with decades of experience both working for and running private and public organizations of various sizes, from startups to the largest corporations. This experience directly contributed to why and how we built Uiba.


We’ve built the world’s preeminent organizational management platform. We’ve brought together some of the best and brightest to create a platform that enables organizations to hire, allocate, and develop their workforce in a manner designed to maximize productivity, minimize cost, and achieve optimal efficiency.


Uiba is built using a unique combination of big data, advanced data analytics, and machine learning. All of our technology is modeled, built, tested, and deployed in-house (we eat our own dog-food, as they say). We do this to ensure we’re offering the best possible product, one that actually does what we claim.

We are incessantly listening, gathering, and analyzing feedback from our clients. We seek to create a symbiotic partnership with our customers where our platform and services evolve in tandem with their needs, anticipating where they’re going so we’re ready when they arrive to ensure their success. That’s the core value (and beauty) of the Uiba platform.


Our sole purpose is helping you attain your strategic goals by ensuring your organization is efficient and focused. We do this by applying a groundbreaking Organizational Management suite of solutions that transforms how people leverage workforce data to make business decisions. We use every breakthrough, every insight, every resource to relentlessly build better solutions that drive a more efficient and empowered workforce – because when the team is focused, the possibilities are limitless.

Our Results

  • Standardized, centralized, accessible, workforce data.
  • Analytics-driven decision making.
  • Stronger, more resilient, more engaged, more productive, more innovative employees.
  • High functioning, high achieving, dynamic teams.

An optimized organization focused and committed to achieving client success. That’s both our mission and our result.