Engaged, Committed, Valued


Are You Experiencing?

Disengaged Employees Not Performing At Their Best

Not Knowing Who The Most Valuable Employees Are

What If You Could

Identify When, Why, and Where Employees Begin To Disengage

Identify Which Employees Most Impact Organizational Effectiveness

Keep The Team Focused And Committed

Uiba’s Employee Engagement & Retention solution offers insight into your employees’ engagement and commitment. This data is gathered continuously and assessed using advanced Data Analytics. Use these insights to address problems before they occur and avoid the significant costs associated with disengagement and turnover.

Finding The Hidden Nexus Points That Tie Everything Together

They exist in every organization – remarkable individuals who are seemingly invisible but involved in everything. They are the spark driving the engines of creativity and productivity and their value to the organization is immense, yet their achievements may go unrecognized. Uiba helps you find and cultivate them to ensure their retention and your success.