How It Works

Uiba’s platform is built upon Data Science, weaving together today’s most sophisticated technologies and mathematics.



Use all of the data available to provide new insights for solving a problem.

Most organizations make workforce decisions based on incomplete data. For example, decision-makers try to build efficient teams but lack the necessary data about employee capabilities, team dynamics, internal vs external hiring success, and employee engagement.

Uiba’s Big Data approach gathers and standardizes all available data and, informed by 100s of billions of existing data points, enables analytics-driven decision-making to deliver successful outcomes.


Apply an algorithmic process to derive insights from the data by identifying meaningful correlations.

Once the data is gathered, analysis is required to discover insights that will impact the strategic decision-making process.

Uiba applies advanced Data Analytics that identify highly accurate and reliable statistical correlations. These insights drive hiring, engagement, team building, and all other organizational workforce decisions.


Build a model that mathematically describes a process and its outcomes. Use the model to provide recommendations. Analyze the results to improve the model.

If correlations are found and the outcomes are understood, a model can be built that automates a given process. Because the model ‘learns’, it quickly optimizes the process and enables higher productivity through better, more efficient execution.

Uiba’s Machine Learning models underpin the success of our solutions, offering quantifiable benefits for our clients both in terms of higher productivity and reduced cost.