Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk, Increase Success


Are You Experiencing?

Long Hiring Cycles

Frustration With Recruiters And Websites That Deliver Poor Candidates

Uneven Hiring Results – Some Hiring Managers Are Great, Some Are Not

What If You Could

Compress Your Hiring Cycle While Reducing Cost

De-Risk Your Hiring – Ensure Only The Right People Are Being Vetted

Quantify The Hiring Process To Improve Each Successive Hiring

To Hire Successfully, Understand The Role

The key to successful hiring is understanding the role in question and how it meshes with the wider team. Uiba’s Predictive Hiring solution uses Machine Learning to understand the comprehensive requirements of each role, the team, and the broader organization.

The Right Candidate. Every Time.

Uiba’s Predictive Hiring Solution identifies the right candidates for any role, every time. Candidates are recognized by their capacity to perform and excel, not by resume keywords. Reduce hiring costs by negating the need for managers to review every resume and decreasing the number of candidates unsuited for the role.

No One Slips Through The Cracks

Uiba reviews all candidates in real-time and can identify those who apply for one role but are better suited for another. This perspective and the ability to understand the capabilities of each candidate and the requirements of all roles means never missing a potential gem due to lack of awareness or an uniformed hiring decision.

Continuous Learning For A More Efficient Process

Uiba continually quantifies and analyzes every part of the hiring process from sourcing through employment. The insights from this data are continuously fed back into the process to drive down cost, time, and risk while improving hiring outcomes.