Empowered, Informed, Engaged


Do Your Employees?

Want career tracks but lack awareness of their options and how to transition successfully

Think ‘ticking the box’ of job requirements qualifies them for promotion

Grow frustrated because they lack tailored, comprehensive career management support

What If You Could

Empower your employees to understand every career option in the organization

Tailor development to each employee’s unique experience, capabilities, and goals

Match employees with mentors best suited to build strong, productive relationships

A Personalized Career Assistant

The primary reason employees disengage or leave an organization is a lack of career path options. Uiba’s Employee Career Management solution empowers employees to explore, understand, create, and manage their career path from day one.

Seeing The Forest And The Trees

Uiba makes the entire organization visible to the employee – each role, each team, requirements, and responsibilities. Uiba illuminates every possible path to a role while offering insights and recommendations that aid progress.

Tailored Development

Work constantly evolves. Employees must keep abreast of their chosen career to remain competitive while transitioning into new roles often requires additional knowledge and skills. Uiba’s Employee Career Management solution tailors development to each employee’s unique experience, capabilities, and career goal to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Applied Wisdom

Each employee has a unique background, set of capabilities, and career goals. Matching them with a more seasoned employee who shares some of these traits is a wonderful way to strengthen organizational connections and ensure that wisdom is shared with those most likely to benefit from it.