Synchronized, Productive, Powerful


Are You Experiencing?

Teams That Underperform Expectations

Confusion About Why Some Teams Succeed While Others Fail

An Inability To Replicate Successful Teams

What If You Could

Begin To Understand Team Dynamics

Assess The Cost Of A Team To Determine Its Productivity

Empower Employees To Create And Build Their Own Project Teams

Unlock The Secrets Of Great Teams

Teams form the basis of modern work. Uiba’s High Performing Teams solution uses advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning to reveal the dynamics that drive successful teams and offer recommendations for team building to achieve success.

Track The Cost Of Team Capabilities

Uiba enables organizations to assess the productivity of their teams by tracking the cost associated with team capabilities and correlate that with execution. Managers can now plan and budget for project staffing, quantitatively justify team expansion, and track success.

Grassroots Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs often spring from the work of informal teams. Uiba’s High Performing Teams solution empowers employees to create and staff these teams, creating startups within organizations to solve problems and discover new opportunities.