Organizational Management Solutions

Analytics-Driven Solutions to Optimize Your Workforce Productivity and Empower Your Employees.



Data is only useful if it delivers insight. When it comes to workforce management, such insights are critical to effective decision-making.

Uiba’s Data Management solution ensures your workforce data is comprehensive and accessible to provide the insights needed for optimizing your organization.


Organizations are dynamic. Employees transition from the roles they were hired for while the roles themselves evolve in response to organizational needs and market signals.

Uiba’s Workforce Planning and Optimization solution ensures a comprehensive view of the breadth and depth of employee capabilities along with indicators of how best to maximize productivity. The result is a lean, focused organization.


Recruiting is often expensive, time-consuming, productivity-draining, and frequently yields poor outcomes. It’s also a never-ending process critical for organizational health.

Uiba’s Recruiting solution delivers proven reductions in cost and time while providing the highest potential for a successful hire. The result is an efficient hiring funnel and a more advanced, productive workforce.


Employees often have a limited view of the organization’s operations and available opportunities, which can hinder their development.

Uiba’s Employee Career Management solution empowers employees to create, understand, and manage their career path. It provides development recommendations tailored to their unique experience, goals, and each path’s requirements. The result is an informed, engaged employee who feels valued and empowered by their employer.


Understanding the mood and focus of your employees is critical to maintaining a productive organization.

Uiba’s Engagement & Retention solution enables organizations to continually gauge their employees’ level of engagement. It also identifies high value employees with unique capabilities who may be hidden but integral to the organization.


Most organizations use teams to enhance productivity. But bringing people together to focus on a project doesn’t automatically deliver success.

Uiba’s High Performing Teams solution uses Machine Learning to analyze and understand team dynamics to offer predictive recommendations for creating and maintaining successful, productive teams.


Your workforce is your most valuable asset and the foundation of your success. The insights necessary for successful strategic workforce decisions are available and ready to be unlocked with Uiba’s suite of organizational management solutions.

Uiba’s Machine Learning technology is constantly learning about your organization and its needs – continually striving to deliver more accurate, more impactful workforce management and employee career recommendations.
Transition from limited workforce data insights to a comprehensive, nuanced view in as little as 90 days.
Uiba’s advanced Data Analytics are 10x more accurate than leading solutions for hiring talent and optimizing existing workforce productivity.
Immediately begin applying the insights gained from Uiba to unlock the latent productivity of your organization.


Everything Uiba does is in service to your success. Increasing your workforce’s productivity and enabling efficient and effective execution of your organizational goals is our mission.

Our pricing is all inclusive, so the number of users, data usage, updates, and support are all included in your annual subscription. Contact us today for more details.