Agile, Productive, Transparent


Are You Experiencing?

Less Than Optimal Productivity

Difficulty Planning Organizational Change To Anticipate Market Changes

Hiring Pressure Because It’s Unclear If The Capabilities Exist Internally

What If You Could

Understand The Extent Of Organizational Capabilities By Team, Role, And Employee

Optimize Talent Distribution To Maximize Productivity

Only Hire Externally When Required, Relying Instead On Internal Talent

Organizational Insights

Uiba’s Workforce Planning & Optimization solution uses advanced Data Analytics to deliver insights about the capability and productivity of your organization.

Comprehensive Visibility

Go beyond org charts and see how the workforce is actually functioning, where strengths and gaps exist, and predict how changes may affect organizational productivity. See the extent and depth of capabilities across your organization, at every level, down to the individual employee.

Analytics-Informed Organizational Decision-Making

Before hiring externally or changing the organizational structure, understand the talent available and how it’s interconnected to inform such decisions and ensure successful outcomes.