Standardized, Centralized, Accessible, Insightful


Are You Experiencing?

Out-of-Date Or Incomplete Employee Profile Data

Data Spread Across Multiple Systems

Workforce Data That Doesn’t Offer Business Insights

What If You Could

Maintain Accessible and Up-to-Date Workforce Data

Systematize Your Workforce Data

Use Workforce Data to Inform Business Decision-Making

Standardize and Centralize

Uiba’s Data Management solution centralizes and standardizes your workforce insight data and can integrate with your existing HRMS, creating a comprehensive perspective. The result is workforce-related data accessible from one central place.

Current and Dynamic

Your workforce data remains always up-to-date even as your organization evolves in response to the market, as new people join, and as employees shift roles and develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Comprehensive and Operational

Because employees are an organization’s most valuable asset and the foundation of its success or failure, Uiba’s Data Management solution gathers and uses every available data point to ensure employees are empowered, engaged, and productive.